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Southern Game Meat kangaroo meat comes in a wide variety of different cuts which are freshly vacuum-sealed in our plant to seal in flavour and goodness.

When buying your kangaroo meat look for our distinctive packs, seen here.


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    This diagram displays the most popular cuts and where they come from on the kangaroo carcass. In most instances Southern Game Meat Kangaroo meat cuts have the silverskin and heavy sinews removed and are presented as red meat with some fine sinews remaining between muscle groups.

    Other cuts available include diced meat and mince obtained from boneless meat prepared in a diced or cubed form from which heavy sinews have been removed. Mince is usually made from the forequarter, neck meat and trimmings.

    All Southern Game Meat kangaroo meat cuts are supplied in high barrier vacuum bags which are placed in strong protective fibre board outer cartons. Packaging standards for both retail ready and bulk meat packs comply with the importing country's regulations and relevant Australian standards.




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